February 27, 2017

What Does The Litchfield Preservation Trust Do?

The Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust, a 501c3 tax-exempt entity under the Federal Income Tax Code, is the parent of the operating partnerships organized to own and operate the real properties which, from time to time, it may acquire.

At present there are two such operating partnerships. The Litchfield Preservation Limited Partnership owns and operates the Post Office Building, originally known as the Josiah Beckwith Building, at 16 South Street. The Litchfield Agricultural Center, LLC owns and operates the Agricultural Center at 26 West Street.

In addition to restoring the Josiah Beckwith building and the Agricultural Center to commercial viability, the Trust has found a number of ways to pursue the purposes of its founding without purchasing and managing real property. Such projects have included a municipal parking study, an inventory of buildings over fifty years old, the burying of utility wires, the purchase of street lamps, the reconstruction of the water fountain on the village green, and a study for the adaptive reuse of the old jail.

The Trust also awards private individuals for their exemplary efforts at historic preservation. Trustees meet monthly in an unceasing effort to pursue the Trust’s mission.