At The Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust’s annual meeting on December 1st an “Award of Distinction” was presented to St. Paul’s Masonic Lodge for the restoration work they have undertaken to preserve this historic local landmark.

“The building was originally built in 1835 by the Litchfield Methodist Episcopal Church.  In 1885 the building was sold to the Masons when the congregation moved into their new church – the present day Methodist church on West Street.”

In the 1990s the lodge was condemned by the town and plans were underway to demolish it as it was considered structurally unsound by the building inspector. The Masons refused to consider demolition and hired a firm that specialized in historic structure repair to re-support the framing, thus saving the building. Many other improvements have been undertaken and and more continue today.

The Trust’s mission is to help preserve the physical and cultural gems of the Greater Litchfield area.


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