1984 and 1986: Architectural and Historic Resource Surveys

In the early 1980’s the State Preservation office had grant money available for the survey of buildings throughout the state 50 years old or more.   The Trust board appointed a grants administrator, in 1984, to apply for a 70-30% matching grant to survey the Northfield section of Litchfield.  Working with members of the Northfield Historical Society, three consulting firms were interviewed and one selected to undertake the survey.  The Trust managed the 30% match, 15% of which came from donated time.  The Survey was completed in 1984, with copies of the results given to the Northfield Historical Society, the Litchfield Library and the Town Clerk’s office.  The consultant also presented his findings to the community.

With the first survey complete, the Trust applied for two more surveys which were now 50-50% matches.  The areas surveyed were the Borough of Litchfield, exclusive of the Landmark District and the Bantam section of Litchfield.  The Trust again worked with members of the Litchfield and Bantam Historical Societies and hired two separate consultant groups to undertake the concurrent survey grants.  Completed in 1986, the Trust had implemented the survey of more than 700 historic structures in the town by including buildings to town borders.  The following year, the Landmark District was surveyed with funding from the borough of Litchfield and the GLPT.  The printed surveys have been used by countless homeowners, land-use boards and commissions, non-profits and the public.


Sample survey…

79 East Chestnut Hill Road