2020 Awards of Distinction.

Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust member Victoria Sansing, right, pays tribute to gravestone cleaners, from left, Lee Swift, Jim Lawson and Eileen Schmidt at West Cemetery in Litchfield on Wednesday. BZ photos Hundreds of hours of labor in Litchfield’s two most historic cemeteries last spring and summer earned four dedicated volunteers recognition from the Greater Litchfield […]

Lexington Partners to Present Plans to GLPT Board of Directors.

GLPT TO RECEIVE PLAN FOR OLD COURTHOUSE by John McKenna | Dec 9, 2020 Litchfield.bz If all goes according plan, the doors of the former Litchfield County courthouse will be welcoming guests of a boutique hotel in the future. BZ photos Two years after Litchfield voters rejected the idea of the former Litchfield County courthouse being transformed into […]